Industrial Cranes

Made in Brașov



We have been producing a diversified range of industrial cranes (single girder overhead travelling cranes, double girder overhead travelling cranes, portal cranes) under DEMAG licence in Romania since 2005.

Following significant investments in our production facilities, we are now able to offer national and international markets products of high quality and reliability, dedicated to load handling technology in various production flows across multiple industries.

Various construction alternatives - multiple applications

Brasov is the production site for industrial cranes up to 300 tons, in a fully equipped production hall with specific European standard equipment.

The resulting products benefit from integrated quality throughout the entire workflow, from the assisted design, preparation of manufacturing, specific production stages, delivery and even assembly.

Depending on the desired application and customer requirements, ELMAS designs, manufactures, delivers and assembles high-performance industrial cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 1.6 to 300 tonnes, with gauges up to 40 metres, fully equipped with DEMAG quality assemblies.

Our product portfolio includes cantilever or suspension overhead travelling cranes, with welded box-section girders, V type girders or girders made of rolled steel sections. Thanks to the available construction types, colour palette and wide range of tasks you can choose the right product and easily integrate it into your project.

Based on our experience in the field of lifting equipment, we also manufacture various single girder and double girder portal cranes with a rated load of up to 12.5 tonnes for industrial halls and warehouses in various industries.

Integrated quality - full benefits

ELMAS industrial cranes manufactured in Brasov - Romania are reliable and high-performance products that achieve high rates of efficiency and productivity in various industries:

- optimized girder design - optimal cross-travel characteristics - various type sizes - monitoring and maintenance using CAN Bus technology - fitted with lifting gear with extended operating life - different types of control systems are available (wireless, cable, cabin) - high stability - low running costs.

All products manufactured and delivered from our own production line bear the CE mark and are accompanied by technical documentation in accordance with the applicable lifting equipment regulations.

ELMAS - a European company!